The Growing Place is a quality preschool. Our main focus is on education and we strive to provide the best education in a developmental format.  Developmental means that the children learn through intentional play to reach educational goal. This technique is very age appropriate to the children and helps to make learning fun.  Our curriculum includes the content standards, which are: language arts, math, science, social studies and we include art and gym (large muscle activities.  As a ministry of TEPC, we are a Christian school.  We have non-denominational children’s Bible stories and songs.  There is a weekly chapel lesson with “Scrappy” our puppet dog, for the 4’s and Pre-K classes to help the children learn their Bible stories and verses.



Parents and Grandparents are always welcome to observe and join us. We encourage parents to share their talents and experiences with us. There are opportunities to help prepare class projects, plan class parties and help on special days. Parents are also needed to transport for field trips.



“We believe that Christian values and teaching are at the core of education as well as our personal identity.  They are the foundation to all of learning and are important at the Growing Place.”

Christian values are shared with the children through songs, Bible stories, prayer time and through the Christian character-building principles taught and modeled by our school staff.

Our staff encourages and respects each child as a special and unique gift of God. We believe the children learn  best by being actively involved in the learning process.  Learning is fun! The concepts that are taught are age appropriate and teach to the ability of each child.  Students work at a level that is challenging but not frustrating.

Each classroom is rich with a wide variety of age-appropriate materials that stimulate a child’s curiosity.  We teach a balanced curriculum that includes spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills.

Our staff creates an attractive environment designed with the students as well as their interests in mind.  The information about the classroom is shared with the parents as well as the school administration.  It is our conviction that children learn best when the teacher uses a variety of teaching methods.